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Pye Family on Dave's North End Roofdeck

We have taken most of these memories from emails and notes that were sent to us. We encourage everyone to submit their own memories so we can print a booklet of them all.

Please add your best Bonnie memory in the space below.

Dave & Janet

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  1. Gwen Schanda says:

    I am so happy to see so many wonderful memories about Bonnie. It’s no shock that she has touched so many people in such a positive way.

    I grew up a few doors down the street from the Pye’s house and have only the best memories of Bonnie. Aside from always being on the ready with the Mac and Cheese (or Kraft Dinner as the Canadians say), she always had this calm, easy going way about her. Amidst the shenanigans of both Janet and Dave and their friends, I admired the way she took in all in stride and I never saw her lose her cool. She is an inspiration to me today as a mom.

    One of my favorite memories is of my Semester at Sea stop in Hong Kong. Luckily for me, the Pyes were living there at the time and Bonnie did not hesitate to pick me up from my ship and plan the greatest time for me. She immediately said “get in the cab! we need to get to the pub!” I guessed she really had gotten to know her kids and their friends over the years. She introduced me to a crazy group of bartenders and patrons and made sure they would show me a good time. I had always been impressed by her way to fall in with so many different kinds of people, and since I was a friend of Bonnie’s they sure did take care of me that night!

    She was a much needed home away from home on the other side of the world, and a week I treasure to this day.

    Thank you Bonnie for being and amazing woman and mom and giving us Janet and Dave. xoxo

  2. Mickie & Bob Moir says:

    We met Bonnie & Gord in Winnipeg in the early70’s. Our mutual Real Estate Lady had a party for the misplaced “Ontarions”. we have been friends ever since. We had our children around the same time, shared maternity clothes, went camping before our kids were a year old. Wonderful memories! Then we followed them as they went world wide, only to settle down the road(an hour’s drive) where we could get together again for special occasions in their “retirement home”. Bonnie & I would meet for lunch when she was able & we could share memories & lots of laugh. We miss her.

  3. Sandra Wright says:

    I have known Bonnie and Gord for over 40 years and during that time they have moved and lived in many houses. Stuart and I had the good fortune to visit them in all but Winnipeg, 1 in the Hamilton area and 1 in the Ottawa area. We have kept in touch all these years, although some of them infrequently.

    In the years since they moved to the Boston area, then Hong Kong and then back to the Boston area and finally to Portland we have communicated and seen each other on a more frequent basis. Over the last 7 or 8 years Bonnie and I were sometimes tied at the hip, whether it be shopping or just visiting and talking about everything and I suppose everyone.

    We have wonderful memories and some very sad memories. When Bonnie had her first bout of colon cancer, Stuart and I met with both Bonnie and Gord for her first chemo treatment – something new to all of us. Our next adventure into this new life for Bonnie was finding a wig for her, which we did. We had a delightful time, came back to the house with her wearing it; Stuart and Gord in the living room did not even notice it until we gave them a slight hint – at which time they said how great she looked. I guess that was just the beginning, particularly for Bonnie and I, for both her and Gord’s illness. We had many talks with both laughter and tears which I believe helped Bonnie deal with a very sad time in her life.

    There are so many memories of time spent with Bonnie that it is impossible to note them all here, but they are in my memory forever. For me, having spent a lot of time with Bonnie over the last year of her life, I still find myself thinking that she will be down in a few days for a visit. I miss her terribly but know in my heart that she is now in a better place. She is missed.

  4. I write this short memory from the Chamber of the Florida House of Representatives where I serve as a Republican Representative. I grew up accross the river in Manotick from the Pye family. Bonnie was certainly a 2nd mom to me. David and I have many memories as a result of our parents friendship. I love Bonnie and I am sure she gets a kick out of the fact that one of her “other” children grew up not only to become American, but a Republican. We have had many debates in living rooms, RV’s and around campfires relating to politics. I know she is proud, even if she has not the foggiest idea of where I get my crazy political ideas! May God Bless Gord, David and Janet through this time of morning and may the Good Lord hold and keep my dear 2nd mom Bonnie. I love and miss you Bonnie.

  5. Farida Ahmed says:

    Bonnie and I go back to when she was hired as my Assistant teacher at Oak Meadow Montessori in Littleton Ma. Some time after She joined NEMTEC for Montessori Teacher Training and worked under my supervision during the training year. After that we co-taught in the same class. Even while while her role changed in the classroon she and I were friends first. I admired her quality of looking for the child that fell between the cracks or needed just that extra attention. The children will never forgive that warmth either. We continued to be close long after the professional relationship was over.

    I found Bonnie to be a completelty selfless person. Her family always came first and we had endless discussions about her husband and children.

    When my son was about to get married in December 2008 I send Bonnie an invitation. She had known him since he was a young boy. A card with a gift enclosed came back to me with regrets but with high hopes that she had met her 5 year cancer survival mark with success.
    Soon after however she told me it had returned. The last time I spoke with her was when she was about to go into surgery, a couple of days before she left us. Bonnie had the same warm laugh and optimism that night which was characteristic of her all the years I had known her. I greatly admire her courage, strength and cherish the fond memories of us in the classroom together and on all our social visits.

    What was truly remarkable about Bonnie was her unconditional love for Gord and her children. Thank you Janet and David for taking such good care for her at the time she needed it most. She was fortunate to have such wonderful children and will live on through you.

  6. Jackie Cerqua - Leeza's Place says:

    I met Bonnie and Gordon at Leeza’s Place in Melbourne, Florida about 3 years ago. We were part of the E.A.S.E. group and we all shared a common goal. “To learn to live with Alzheimer’s Disease”.
    During that time, i learned that Bonnie was sick with Colon Cancer. What a shock it was to hear that. I knew no one with that cancer, Because of Bonnie, her courageous fight with the cancer,the gutsy way she faced it, i had tests done….. yuk!. She said that they were necessary to be sure. My tests showed I had some probable problems. So to repeat in one (1) year . now my doctor said i can come beack in 3 – 5 years.
    So, yes, because of her i overcame my fear and got the tests. i don’t know if I ever thanked her for giving me the courage to do what had to be done.
    Gutsy….. because she would drive all the way from Melbourne, Florida back to Canada alone in the car with Gordon. That had to be difficult to do, but she did it. Thank you Bonnie, for all of your wisdom, your cheerful face, and all the encouragement you gave to everyone you touched. WE MISS YOU….

  7. Willyanne Raney (Mote) says:

    I met Bonnie when we were both in Grace 9 in 1955 at Saltfleet High School. We remained best friends for the next 53 years until she passed away this past February. I will remember her always as my best friend and miss her terribly. The memories are too many to recall now and are only special between the two of us. We certainly had a lot of them from learning to drive to graduating from teacher’s college and nursing.
    She was a good friend to so many and will be remembered for her wonderful uplifting attitude, no matter how bad things were going for her.
    I miss you Bonnie…..
    Love, Will

  8. Caeli Smith says:

    I met Bonnie about 10-12 years ago. My time of knowing Bonnie mainly consisted of sneaking into the quiet Pye house late, late at night, after mad-capped capers w/ one of (or both of) the fabulous Pye children. :o ) When I would awake in the morning, not quite as shiny and animated as I had been the night before, Bonnie always welcomed me to the day w/ a smile, easy and comfortable conversation and an offer of something to eat. I always felt so welcome, and Bonnie was so genial and warm, one could not help but feel instantly at ease.
    Bonnie and I also share the same birthday and I don’t know if it was the commonality of being earthy, warm Taurians, or our mutual love of food and her children, but I felt Bonnie was a kindred spirit and it saddens me to know she has passed on. Reading all the wonderful memories left by those who knew her well and for so many years makes me truly proud and honored to have known her. The Pyes are a wonderful group; Janet and Dave are two of the liveliest, most fun, silly, warm, amiable people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and it is clear that can be attributed to their mother.
    My love, thoughts, heart and condolences are w/ the Pye family and with all those who loved Bonnie so very much.
    Here’s to Bonnie….
    Peace and much love,

  9. Dianne Davis says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing Bonnie since 2005 meeting her in Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida. We enjoyed walking together getting to know each other. We bonded because we shared similar experiences with our mothers. She had such a wonderful sense of humor and could always make you laugh at life’s difficulties. I loved to hear about all the various “Pye” cat names and I was one of the few that could pet Spud.
    I was with her when she found out that her cancer had returned and we lost her far too early.
    My thoughts are with the Pye family and a special hug for Gord.

  10. Mary B. says:

    Don’t know what kind of car Bonnie was tooling around in these last few years, but back in the 90s she seemed to get a new mini-van every 2 years…meanwhile, her kids were driving the coolest rides in town and she opted for a mini-van! It was a good thing she had that mini-van b/c she was my personal chauffeur for many, many years: To and from school, sports, parties…she filled in the gaps for my working single-mother. She cheered me on at sports games, cooked me dinner (she perfected the art of microwave cooking!), never tattled when I got caught drinking/sneaking out of the Pye house…in short, she was “da bomb.” Looking back, Bonnie really was like a 2nd mom to me – damn, I wish I’d told her how much I appreciated that. I’ll think of her often now.

  11. Comb the yard for sticks? Yes, during an early summer visit up to the lake Bonnie had pulled me aside to ask if I would rally the troops (Dave, Janet, Jim, Sully & myself) to “Comb the yard for sticks” She wanted us to stand shoulder to shoulder and walk back and forth in rows over the entire yard collecting sticks! I kind of giggled at first but then remembering that the original purpose of the visit was to help get the place cleaned up for summer I ignored the rally request and combed the yard myself, collecting sticks and throwing them in a large wood pile down by the water for that evenings bonfire.

    I got along really well with Bonnie, and can still see that GIANT smile of hers in my head. We talked a lot about food, the garden, the animals, and of course about Janet ;) I always had the feeling that both Bonnie and Gord liked Janet having someone around, a partner in crime to kind of keep an eye out for her in the city.

    I will ALWAYS remember our trips into town to get food for dinner then hitting the local bakery for outrageous butter tarts! I liked those days… I liked those days a lot. Probably the one coolest thing that I will always remember was when my little band was gonna be on TV. They did not get the TV station we were gonna be on at the Pye house so Bonnie arranged for us to watch at the neighbors. We were to be on the Early Show at 8am! A few of us went over the next morning to watch at the neighbors’ house. After the segment ended I looked over and there was that GIANT smile again… It was a really cool moment shared.
    This year I am walking in the Relay For Life for you Bonnie…
    Miss ya

  12. Marg. and Harry says:

    We first met Bonnie and Gord at Wickham Park about 8 yrs ago. The fun and memories we have of “happy hours” or tootin’ around in their little car will always be with us. Bonnie’s presense is sooo missed in the park—-and that great smile !! Before leaving Florida this year, we planted a tree on the site that she always occupied right next to the water so we can think of her every time we see it.
    Loveya, Bonnie—-Peace be with you.

  13. Magali Olander says:

    It is touching to read all that people have written here about Bonnie. And like so many others, one of my favorite memories of Bonnie took place in Hong Kong. I have been friends with Janet since high school and for a short period of time between high school and college, while Bonnie and Gordo were already in Hong Kong, Janet stayed with my family in Concord. In a generous return of that favor, the Pyes invited me to Hong Kong for a vacation in August of 2007. It was an incredible time and such an incredible gift. Not sure life will ever take me back to that part of the world and I am so grateful to have been there as the guest of the Pyes!

    While we were there, among other memorable things (like meeting Shaquille O’Neal who was promoting his rap album at Planet Hollywood on Lantau, is that right, Janet!?), I turned 21. This isn’t a big deal in Hong Kong, but for an American girl, turning 21 is a rite of passage. Janet and her family treated me to a lovely birthday celebration, a great night out and a harbor cruise on a Junk the next day… Well, being on a Junk the day after my 21st birthday was challenging. It’s a roly-poly thing to do with a hangover, and I thought I might ruin it for everyone… But, true to her nature and character described so nicely in these memories, Bonnie made it possible for me to have a most incredible day! Ever so discretely and gracefully, Bonnie introduced me to PIMMS over fresh cut fruit. Just enough to take the edge off and get me back in shape. At the time I just thought it was cool that Bonnie was pushing alcohol on me! Looking back, I am touched by her nurturing, her trust, and her motherly knowing just what to do! I will not forget that as a friend of the Pyes or as a mother myself.


  14. Gary McRae says:

    I knew Bonnie and Gord during the 70s and 80s. Gord was my boss in Kanata, Ottawa and Toronto while working at DEC and we became quite close due to our love of motorcycles. He was passionate about his BMW and hated my Japanese sh-t, otherwise known as a Honda. My wife Carole and I and Gord and Bonnie took drives on meandering roads in the country and these memories are as fresh as the day they happened.
    We are sorry for your loss Gord, and know Bonnie has a very special place in heaven.

  15. Jacqueline Bastarache says:

    I met Bonnie and Gord in Hong Kong…we lived in the same apartment building..Pacific View on Tai Tam road….I remember she had a cat with rubber pads glued to its claws because apparently it was illegal to have a cat declawed in Hong Kong. We lived there for 5 years but Bonnie probably moved there the last year we were there. She taught school at Montessori (sp?) so she was quite a busy person. She came to visit us when we moved to Beijing and I have pictures of us on the Great Wall which I’ll try to find and scan for your site. She and Gord came to visit us in Florida after we retired…..they were RVer’s then and had a huge diesel truck. They also visited us in Bouctouche staying at the local campground…she had another kitten named Spud which they picked up in Prince Edward Island. They had gone there on their motorcycle and stayed at a favorite place of theirs. Gord had an accident having backed up his RV into a streetlight at a garage in Moncton so we had to find a welder to fix his ramp. I loved their RV, they even had a fireplace!
    Last I heard she said she had cancer and I was trying to locate her again today thinking maybe she was on Facebook. I’m very sorry for your loss…she was a very good person. Such a nice idea this memorial….all the best to your dad. Tell him Merv still listens to his Iris Dement (sp?) (I always say Lament) :-) CDs. Gord introduced Merv to her….I’ll try to find that picture next week and submit it if I can.

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